We all know how painful a breakup is. No matter how many romantic relationships you’ve had you’d still feel lost and broken when it ends. The toughest part is even if friends and family members help you move on, you bear the burden of heartache alone. But this also means that eventually, you will realize that the best person who can help you get over an ex is none other than yourself.

Wong Fu Productions, a video and film production company based in San Diego, made a very emotional and heartwarming short film entitled ‘After Us’. In this video that we can all relate to, we will see the three stages people go through after a breakup.

The film features a female character named Carly who has just ended a relationship with her boyfriend of four years.


In all the scenes, you will hear Carly’s conscience as she tries to explain why she’s in that stage and why it’s normal for her to be in it.


If you are struggling with a breakup, this film is definitely for you.


See the emotional short film here:

This video is indeed very informative and self-empowering. It’s like a manual for broken hearts. After watching this you will understand why you have to go through these stages to completely get over and move on with your life. A breakup should make you a better version of yourself and not break you. That will only happen if you take the first step and let time heal your wounds. “Ultimately the path to recovery is not to find someone new for yourself, but to find someone new in yourself.”

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