• Amethyst Realm admitted to have had more than 15 ghost lover.
  • She claims to have a serious relationship with a ghost she met in Australia.
  • She gave up men to have sex with ghosts because it is more satisfying.
  • Ms Realm said she’s interested in having baby with a ghost if possible.

Her first encounter with the ghost was about 12 years ago when she was still living with her fiancee. Her fiancee was working away a lot and they just moved into a new house in Hereford and after awhile he was going away maybe one week, two weeks at a time. She stated to feel a different kind of presence around the house. She never felt scared at all, it was more comforting rather. She can feel the energy of the entity stronger in the spare bedroom and there was an instance that it went behind her allegedly and she could feel its breath on her neck – still that didn’t freak her out.

Amethyst Realm – “I gave up men to have sex with ghost.”

Her first actual encounter with the ghost was when she went to the spare bedroom on her negligee and waited for awhile – at first she taught she scared the ghost away but later felt its presence again.

She narrated to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her first sexual encounter with the ghost.

Holly Willoughby was curious about how Amethyst Realm felt the pleasure of making love with a ghost.
Watch this interview of Ms Realm in This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

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Source: This Morning | DailyMail