There’s a saying in men’s world when it comes to cheating “never admit.” It’s “machismo” indeed! But some men ultimately forget that not all women can tolerate this machismo image and they are paying for it dearly.

These women always get their sweet revenge at the end and sometimes tore down their cheaters in the most special way, just like what this Japanese woman did to her cheating boyfriend.

This heartbroken girlfriend had enough of his cheating boyfriend as he keeps lying about it. But the unnamed girl knew precisely how to get back at him painfully…his priceless possession!

The scorned woman trashed his partner’s beloved collection of Apple gadgets in the bath tub as a revenge…


She even took pictures of the soaked iMac, iPhone, iPad, and accessories enjoying the Jacuzzi then send it to his boyfriend. She makes sure the damage is permanent!

You know how much Apple products worth, right? This furious girlfriend treat them like a piece of rubbish, well she just gave his cheating boyfriend’s Apple collection a very relaxing bath. LOL!

The unnamed Japanese guy must be feeling a bit guilty for his sins or maybe he was just looking for sympathy and tweeted the pics to his account @foolishnessfly2.

tweets 2

The tweet went viral and was retweeted more than 15,400 times including mix response especially the Apple fans saying “destroying those precious gadgets is a bit harsh, even if he did cheat.”

Yet a lot of response goes with the girl even though most of the comments are in Japanese. The translate button might help but it’s not guarantee.

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Fortunately, a Japanese @Allorcer90 took the time to explain the images to the English-speaking Twitters who are a bit lost of what is going, adding, ‘Haha makes you think twice about cheating on your significant other haha!’

We don’t really tolerate revenge because it’s wrong. Yet sometimes we need to allow some to make people realize their mistakes especially when cheating their partners. So the next time you cheat, better hide your beloved stuff. LOL

Via: Daily Mail