Prayer is a powerful thing and it can brighten someone’s day, just like what an 8-year-old kid do to eight police officers.

Police officers of the San Antonio Police Department were stunned when Paige Vazquez came into their table interrupting their meal and asked if she could pray for them.

Surprised by the little girl gesture, the officers gladly accept her offer and they all bowed their heads and prayed.

Apparently, Paige loves to pray for other people, even strangers, to cheer them up if ever they are having a rough time.

“I always pray for people and police officers, because I know they have a really rough time sometimes. Sometimes a little prayer can make someone’s day, so I decided to do that just in case they were having a rough day,” Paige said.

“I asked them, ‘Hello officers, may I please pray for y’all?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, sure!” She added.

Paige’s family posted the touching moment on Facebook, soon the San Antonio Police Department found it and shared it as well.

According to Kat, Paige’s mother, “One of the mothers of the officers that was sitting at the table messaged me recently, and she said that her son went home and he was very moved by what she said.”

Paige says that this won’t be the last time she prays for others. She will continue to pray for others even if they’re strangers!

“You should always pray for someone, no matter what,” she says. “It might just brighten someone’s day!”

Via: Little Things