• An eight-year-old from Indiana died after he reportedly ate his father’s crystal meth as breakfast cereal.
  • Curtis Collman III died last June 21 after ingesting 180 times the lethal amount of meth enough to kill a grown man.
  • Police say the child’s father did not get help for his young son after the boy accidentally ingested crystal meth.

An eight-year-old boy lost his life after he accidentally eats his father crystal meth mistaking it for cereal.

On June 21, Curtis Collman III, from Indiana told his father he was hungry and he found the meth on a plate on the dining table.

Soon the boy told his father, Curtis Gilbert Collman, 41, that he was feeling ill but instead calling for help the older Collman called up his female friend who then suggested to bring his son to a hospital or call in the authorities.

The Influence

Shockingly, the 41-year-old refuses to call 911 and threatened his female friend at gunpoint saying, ‘I’m not going back to prison.’

He then brought his son to his parents’ house when the child’s condition worsened but it was already too late when the grandparents was able to call for help.

The eight-year-old boy was experiencing convulsions and seizures then he turned blue and soon died.

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According to the investigators. the young boy ate his father’s meth, thinking it was cereal. Officials say the amount consumed was enough to kill a grown man. It was 180 times the lethal limit.

“Anybody that is a parent, you know, would be emotionally upset. It kind of hits home if you have kids,” detective Tom Barker said.

The father was later charged with neglect of a dependent causing death, pointing a firearm and theft. Collman’s previous record includes trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor. He’d also taken police on a high speed chase.

If conducted, the father will face 20 to 40 years in prison but the prosecutors are seeking a maximum penalty of 50 years.

“50 years would be nice,” Jackson County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant said.

Authorities said they will fight to keep Collman behind bars.

He also faces charges for pointing a firearm, theft, and failure to register as a sex offender. His trial will be on December 4.

Source: news4jax, pulptastic