Though filled with a lot of people, no one seems to notice the 5-year-old-boy drowning.

In a clip, the boy can be seen struggling in the water.

He tried his best to get his head above water while people around ignores him not knowing the danger he’s going through.

Several swimmers seem to notice him but didn’t mind at all.

The young tot managed to paddle himself to reach the side of the pool…

However, he started to drift away at the center of the pool face down until he can’t paddle any more and floats away.

A woman finally noticed the boy’s body floating on the surface, and thankfully got help successfully resuscitated the child and has not suffered any permanent harm.

Apparently, according to Irongross who posted the video, the boy was left unsupervised while his mother spent time in the sauna, although this statement has not as yet been verified.

“He was under water four minutes 36 seconds and was saved when his lifeless corpse floated next to unknown woman. The boy was resuscitated and didn’t suffer permanent damage,” Irongross said.

Via: Dailymail