There’s nothing rare about having a tapeworm in one’s stomach, but having a 5-foot-long tapeworm pulled out of your nose is something else!

We all know that tapeworms absorb nutrients from their hosts, allowing them to grow in grotesque lengths. However, this guy’s tapeworm is something out of ordinary.

Believe it or not, doctors removed a 5-foot-long tapeworm from this man’s nose!


Yeah, that long thread-like thing you’re seeing is a tapeworm!


The parasite is so long that the man can’t help it but says “Oh, so uncomfortable,” as he squirms in agony as the tapeworm was being pulled out. It took a horrifying 30 seconds before the tapeworm extraction reached the end.


Tapeworms are parasites that usually live in a person’s intestine and they are most common in developing countries. However, you can be infected through eating raw contaminated pork, beef or fish or through coming into contact with contaminated feces.

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According to Mail Online: “Tapeworms have evolved specialized ‘heads’ that carry an arsenal of spines or retractable hooks to attach themselves to the intestines of their hosts. These parasites don’t have a gut of their own. Instead, they use their outer surface to absorb nutrients and excrete waste. Beyond the ‘head’ and ‘neck,’ areas, a tapeworm is just a series of segments, each with its own male and female sexual parts. Eventually, they mature and make eggs.

Tapeworms infest a wide variety of animals. Whales get tapeworms, and in these huge mammals the parasites can grow to 100 feet or more.
If left untreated in human, the patient’s life may be in danger as the infestation can affect key areas of the organ.

The removal of a tapeworm from an affected person’s nose is rare – but has been documented frequently in medical literature. However, experts are not sure exactly why this happens.”