A mind-boggling 30 inches and 28 pounds large intestine had been removed from 22-year-old Chinese guy suffering from constipation since birth.

The unnamed man is believed to have been born with the congenital condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease – also known as “HD”.

This condition hampers the passing of his stool because of a lack of nerves in some muscles inside his colon. As a result, his abdomen began to swell at a very young age – to the point where he looked heavily pregnant.

He had to rely on laxatives and other constipation medicine to force bowel movements.

Medical experts at 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, in East China, were stunned by the size of the man’s abdomen.

Surgeons immediately performed a three-hour surgery to have 30 inches of his large intestine removed.

Doctor Yin Lu and his team said, “it looked like it could explode at any time.”

The doctors told the man was suffering from a form of megacolon which has had ad months’ – if not years’ – worth of feces trapped in the degenerative section of his colon.

The intestine was stitched on both ends to prevent his collected bowel spilling, which by the way, weighs about 13 kg or 28 pounds.

Roughly one over out of every 5,000 birth suffered from Hirschsprung’s disease and is usually diagnosed in children. Sadly, people with HD don’t know they have it until they are all grown up.

Meanwhile, the unnamed patient is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

Via: Mirror