Having a small place to live in is really challenging, including the things you need in such tight space. I know because I live in that kind of place and I have to give up things to have a little bit of precious space. And having perfect products for such a humble home are truly bliss. Here are some of the products, INGENIOUS products that will give you so much space.

1. A Strainer-Meets-Cutting Board

A strainer-meets-cutting board. 3This is perfect! josephjoseph.com


2. A Cat Crib  

A cat cribSiesta time! catcrib.comcatcrib.com


3. A Collapsible Bucket

A collapsible bucket 3You’ll never run out of bucket solutions.blair.com


4. A Collapsible Whisk

A collapsible whisknormann-copenhagen.com


5. A Completely Flat Folding Chair.

A completely flat folding chair.That’s what you called Flat… folditure.com


6. A Foldaway Treadmill

A foldaway treadmill 3It’s still nest to run outsidehammacher.com


7. A Freestanding Table Tennis Net That Doubles as a Heat Mat

A freestanding table tennis net that doubles as a heat mat.What again? kickstarter.com


8. A Hose That Automatically Expands and Contracts.

A hose that automatically expands and contracts.This is what a lazy gardener needs. Lol! hammacher.com


9. A Library-Slash-Chair

A library-slash-chairPerfect for bookworm people! etsy.com


10. A Magnetic Ironing Mat

A magnetic ironing matTurns every flat surface into an ironing board. amazon.com


11. A Mattress That Folds Up into a Chair.

A mattress that folds up into a chair.3This is always a big hit! hammacher.com


12. A Measuring Cup That Works for Tea- and Tablespoons

A measuring cup that works for tea- and tablespoonsIt can be used as a shot glass too! mileskimball.com


13. A Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

A roll-up dish drying rackI totally need this! bedbathandbeyond.com


14. A Salad Bowl That Comes With Its Own Servers

A salad bowl that comes with its own serversjosephjoseph.com


15. A Speaker That’s Also a Light Bulb.

A speaker that’s also a light bulb.Is this wired or wireless? Lol! thegreenhead.com


16. A Toilet With a Sink In The Cistern.

A toilet with a sink in the cistern.I like this toilet! plumbing-deals.com


17. Better Yet: A Washing Machine With a Sink on Top.

Better yet - a washing machine with a sink on top.Well, I don’t think so… smeg.com


18. An All-in-One Kitchen Doohickey

An all-in-one kitchen doohickey.Perfect for people with indigestion problem (I think) amazon.com / Via goodhousekeeping.com


19. Foldable Knife-Scissors

Foldable knife-scissorsWe should be careful with this one josephjoseph.com


20. An Ironing Board That Folds Up into a Mirrored Cabinet

An ironing board that folds up into a mirrored cabinetTalking about space saving and being resourceful. bellacor.com


21. Collapsible and Adjustable Pet Bowls

Collapsible and adjustable pet bowlsPerfect for a travelling jet-setter pets store.dexas.com


22. Space-Saving Hangers

Space-saving hangersI want to have this in my house! solutions.blair.com


23. A Vertical Shoe Rack.

A vertical shoe rack.Just perfect! j-me.com


24. The Skinniest Toaster in All the Land.

The skinniest toaster in all the land.Who wants some toast? pillsburystore.com


25. Stackable Recycling Bins

Stackable recycling binsTotally space saving. puresafety.co.uk


H/T: Buzz Feed