Finding a job that suits you and perfectly pays well isn’t easy. However, do you know that there are unusual jobs that can pay you enough money? Though they are a little bit weird like sniffing a towel, eating dog foods, and sleeping in bed.

Here are 11 weird jobs that pay well.

1.) S3x Toy Tester:  $30,000-$50,000 per year
Photo: Prevention
2.) Paper Towel Sniffer: $52,000 per year
Photo: Shutterstock
3.) Pet Food Tester: $40,000 per year

4.) Bed Tester: $25,000-$40,000 per year
5.) Golf Ball Divers: $30,000-$100,000 per year
6.) Obscure Stunt Tester: $300,000 per year
Photo: The viral media
7.) Water Slide Tester: $40,000 per year
Photo: YouTube
8.) Sewer Inspector: $40,000-$75,000 per year
9.) Face Feelers:  $30,000-$40,000 per year
Photo: ABC News
10.) Nude Model: $100-$200 per hour
Photo: Top 10s
11.) Professional Snuggler: $60 per hour
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