If you have too much money to spend what would you spend for? I might be collecting and drinking all the famous liquors in the world. I might also collect the most expensive gadgets that I really love. Ever wondering what millionaires are doing with all those pile of bucks? To give you an insight here are 10 of the most expensive hobbies of a millionaire …

10.  Attending aviation classes

Flying a plane is the dearest dream of many people,to make your dream come true, you need $100.000 – the fee you’ll pay for attending aviation classes.

9 . Race Car Driving

This is an extremely expensive hobby not for ordinary people, because on a professional autodrom will cost you about 100 – 3,500 dollars. Including the insurance and annual registration fee, imagine how much this hobby may cost.

8. Keeping Exotic Animals

Exotic animals can cost a fortune. Even if you manage to buy a tiger, a lion or any other big animal, be prepared that it will eat all your salary.

7. Yacht Racing

A decent yacht can cost more than 8 – 10 million bucks, if you are not a millionaire you can only watch others participating in yacht racing. These are gorgeous toys for millionaires!

6. Horse Breeding

horse breed

A colt or filly may cost from a few hundred thousand dollars to several millions depending on a breed. However, the purchase of a high breed horse is only a small amount of what you will spend on its maintenance. 40 thousand dollars a year is a minimal amount you will need to take care of a racing horse.

5. Traveling Around the World

A trip from one country to another may cost from $10.000 to several millions.Depending on the chosen transport, the country you visit, length of stay, food and type of accommodation.

4. Collecting Vintage Cars

This expensive vintage toys are for the rich and famous! Just imagine, a vintage car may cost up to 30 million dollars.

3. Antique Collection

We all know that owning an antique collection is not for everyone, they are pretty expensive not only because they are beautiful but also they are tightly connected to history and mystical stories

2. Gambling “High Stakes Poker”

Gambling requires millions of money and self-possession, A single poker game can make you a bankrupt, especially if it is a high stake poker. This hobby is for those who have millions to risk.

1.  Collecting Art


A painting can cost more than a vintage car, you can even buy a mansion with the same price of a single painting.

If you become a millionaire what would you do? Would you spend your money doing the things above?