We were always advised to wear proper protection like goggles, mask, helmets and gloves when doing things such as construction, metal works and more. Yet most of the time we neglect wearing safety gears, thinking that we will be okay and nothing will happen.

But a 27 years old landscape gardener learned a valuable lesson after he was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with a nail poked in his eye.

A three-inch nail got stuck in his eye when an unidentified man was using a weed whacker and accidentally hit the nail bouncing back right into his face.
The man was immediately  rushed to the hospital. Doctors gave him a scan to get detailed images of his injuries – a possible long-lasting damage.
Nail-In-The-Eye (1)

Miraculously, the scan showed that the nail did not pierce the actual globe of the man’s eye, missing his brain by a millimeter in which according to medics could cause major damage to the man. Eight weeks later, the lucky man’s eyesight had returned to normal.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported, “The nail was lodged against two arteries that supply blood to the head and the other eye. Thankfully, the procedure went to plan and the man fully recovered.”

Dr. Wael Asaad, a neurosurgeon said: “When you looked at him, all you saw was the back end of the nail. The tip of the nail was like the finger in the dam. We were worried that if we pulled it out, there would be bleeding.”

Before removing the nail, two doctors were placed on standby if in any case an artery gets ruptured and a jet of spurting blood could be fatal. Surgeons removed the nail and the man woke up within minutes. The man was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics before being discharged.

This incident happened two years ago where Dr. Asaad was one of the doctors warned that the accident showed the need for eye protection when working in potentially dangerous environments.

Accident always happens, whether you’re prepared for it or not. But neglecting safety protection might leave you in regrets. Keep Safe Everyone!

Via: Mirror