baby box 1 Pastor Lee Jong-Rak and his “Baby Box”

Abandoned or unwanted children are serious problem in every country, whether if it’s a wealthy or a poor country. It’s a problem of every government that needs to have a permanent solution because children are dying out there.  But there’s a man in South Korea who take action to save these unwanted babies by making a “Baby Box”, his name is Pastor Lee Jong-Rak.

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Taking inspiration from his disabled son, he wants unwed women to put their unwanted babies in the “Baby Box” or “The Drop Box” instead of abandoning them on the streets or taking their own life and the baby. Yet the government says that the “Baby Box” is illegal, but his response is these “If people say the “baby box” is illegal, then we can make it legal. There is nothing illegal in saving someone’s life. “

Pastor Lee Jong-Rak story is a story about Faith, a story about Hope and a story about Love.  He’s so committed that he even says “God I will die for these children.”

Among faith, hope, and love, the best is… LOVE

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Pastor Lee Jong-Rak from South Korea does something truly remarkable with other people’s babies. He’s created a “drop box” for unwanted children in his home country. At first, he didn’t expect babies to show up, but the babies sadly did. In turn, he has saved the lives of the innocent. In one case, one of the mothers was planning to use poison on herself and her baby, if it weren’t for Pastor Lee’s words. You have to watch this man’s story. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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