Having a great boyfriend is nice but having a boyfriend that acts as your best friend is probably every girl is dreaming of. A boyfriend that is not “kill joy,” that kind of guy whom you can show the real you. Take a look at these 11 signs to know if your boyfriend is your best friend.



1. You’d rather spend a night hanging out on the couch with him than have a girls’ night.
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Being with him is much better than anyone else, even you’re doing nothing.specially when you’re totally stressed out.

2. You have a secret handshake.
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This is one sign that your relationship resembles a good friendship.

3. He tells you literally everything even his deepest secrets.
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You don’t hide anything from each other. He trust you the most and he even tells you his greatest mischief.

4. You always go to each other for advice.
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He is that one guy who understands you the most. You don’t leave each other through ups and downs because you’re a team and that means you truly consider each other’s advises.

5. You both nerd out over the same hobbies.
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Playing Dota or watching movies is not a problem because you love doing the same stuff.

6. Your dates are always weird adventures.


You are drinking buddies discovering new friends in bars. It feels like your life is a comedy sitcom full of laughter and an adventure going to different places.

7. You don’t need to spend every second together, but you do prefer it when he’s around.
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You’re at ease even when his not around and both of you fully understand that you can’t be together all the time. You gave way for each other to spend time with each companies.

8. You have tons of inside jokes and pranks.
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It’s like you’re the wackiest couple around, putting aside that relationship thing and acting like cool friends.

9. You can share a look and know what the other one is thinking.
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At one look you already know what’s running on his mind. A quick sight says it all.

10. You know what he likes and vice versa.
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Shopping is not a problem because both of you have that same fashion style. Also goes when it comes to music and food. You almost like the same thing. Talking about compatibility? This is it!

11. You’ve been through some rough times together.
rough times
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Sure, every relationship feels great at the high points, but you’ve also survived some real struggles. At this point, you know he’s not going anywhere.

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This kind of relationship is what I’ve been wanting all my life. I just hope I’ll get a best friend and a partner in life at the same time.

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