“Shark Mouth” it’s what people are calling Ashik Gawai after something strange happened to his mouth.

The 17-year-old boy complains a severely swelling jaw but local doctors couldn’t identify the cause of the condition so his father took him to a state-run hospital in Mumbai, India and what they found out shocked them.

Doctors began to look into what’s going on in Ashik’s mouth.

shark tooth

Shockingly they found out layers of extra teeth on the teen’s jaw!

sharktooth 1

The extra teeth were caused by an extremely rare tumor. Doctors have described his condition as “very rare” and “a world record”.

sharktooth 2

A surgery was Led by Dr. Vandana Thorawade, two surgeons, and two assistants. It took them seven hours to successfully removed the tumor and all of the extra teeth it had spawned.


Doctors counted 232 teeth in total. However, the team noted that the actual number could be higher because they stopped counting several hours into the operation.

Ashik now has 28 teeth and expected to make a full recovery. He should be able to eat solid food within a few days.

The next time I have a toothache I’ll consult a doctor immediately because it might be something else. Share this bizarre story to your friends and let them know that “Shark Mouth” really exist.

Source: BBC