Hunter Hunted: A poacher was slaughtered and eaten by a pride of lions he was trying to kill at a private game reserve in South Africa.

According to report, the hunter was heard screaming for help while being attacked in the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit outside Phalaborwa.

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In an instant, the pride of lions devoured most of the poacher’s body before they were chased off. Only the head was left untouched.
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The police initially thought the victim was a tractor driver working at the reserved. But the driver was found alive and well, they soon realized it was probably a poacher.

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Later on, a hunting rifle was found close to where the lions consumed the hunter.
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Unfortunately, the victim was not carrying any identification. Police in Limpopo have called in the Department of Home Affairs to help them identify the dead man.

Police Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said, “The process of identifying this body has already commenced and it might be made easier as his head was amongst the remains found at the scene.”

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A local worker from a nearby nature reserve described the area as a lion territory, “The head was still there but the lions had eaten most of the rest. A scream was heard and the lions were scattered by the sound of gunshots but it was too late to do anything for him. He was eaten.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the reserve, Josh, cannot give any comments regarding the incident because of the ongoing police investigation.

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