There have been different craze trending on social media these days, and the latest urge women to post pictures of themselves while holding a pen under their chests to prove the world how buxom they are.

The trend started in Japan and quickly made its way to China and then became an instant hit on Weibo, China’s Twitter counterpart.

carrypenunderbreast 1

Apparently, the underboob pen challenge craze is a way of proving you’re a “real woman”.

carrypenunderbreast 2

Using the hashtag “#carrypenunderbreast”, lots of women are posting pictures showing just the lower half of their busts holding an object.

carrypenunderbreast 6

Initially only pens and pencils were used, but as the craze went viral some eager participants pushed the boundaries by holding larger items.

Such as makeup brushes, chopsticks, and roses…

carrypenunderbreast 4

Even water and body lotion bottles.

carrypenunderbreast 5

Somehow, despite the trend’s popularity in China, the photos garnered mixed reactions online as expected.


Some pointed out that the idea of holding a pen under one’s breast as measurement of being a real woman is plainly stupid.

carrypenunderbreast 9

One user named ‘Er Bi Bu Shi Ji Pin’ wrote: ‘What exactly is the standard of being a proper girl? Recently, people in Japan invented a new standard, that is – to hold a pen under your breast. Only when you can do that are you a real girl.’

A disappointed user named ‘Ai Tian Yi Sheng’ replied: ‘I can’t do it, does it mean I’m not a woman?’

carrypenunderbreast 3

Meanwhile some were pleased by the pencil challenge craze, one is ‘Bin Chun Hu Die Fei’, who posted her pictures showing a pen under her chest. She said: ‘I can’t touch my belly button from my back, nor can I hold an egg on my collarbone, that means I’m a fat person. Luckily, this trend saved me.’

H/T: Daily Mail, Elite Readers

Many might be able to hold a pen under their breasts, can touch their belly buttons from behind, or can hold plenty of coins on their collar bones, but that isn’t the true measurement of being a real woman and doesn’t define true beauty. Real women are those who can give love, respect, and kindness to others. So no matter what your figure is, don’t worry, every woman is beautiful in their own ways.