Having to stand side by side with your spouse through thick and thin is not something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of faith, patience, determination and true love to conquer this feat. It’s doubly hard if one is lingering between life and death. Exactly like what happened to newlywed Matt and Danielle Davis.

Seven months after getting married, a horrifying turmoil threatens their married life when Matt Davis, 22, was involved in a shattering motorcycle accident on a Savannah, Ga., interstate, Sunday of July 2011.


The accident sent his body flying that left him with multiple major bone injuries, traumatic brain injury and in coma state. Matt was almost brain-dead and on life support, his devastated new wife Danielle, 23, was beside him everyday talking to him while holding his hand.


The doctors did everything they could do to save Matt and nine days after the accident, Danielle received the worst news in her entire life. Doctors told her, that he had only 10 percent chance of waking up.

She was advised to “pull the plug” on her husband’s life support. She said, “Doctors suggested we remove him from life support and let him go, he would never wake up.They said if it was them, they’d pull the plug. That’s what they’d want their family to do.”

But Danielle’s love for Matt prevailed. She refused to take the life of his beloved husband and let God decide for his life.


Danielle said, “I wanted to give him more time to see if he improved. We didn’t really have a chance to start our life together, I wasn’t going to give up.”

“I knew that God could get us through that,” she said in an interview with WTOC. “I didn’t think it was too big for God.”

Three months after the fatal accident and the horrifying suggestion, Matt is still in coma but the doctors gave him a go signal to go home where his wife and his mother would take care of him round the clock.

Matt-Davis (2)

Days, weeks and months had passed, Danielle’s strong faith in God and her continuous prayer finally had an answer. God showed them a miracle, Matt woke up from coma and said the two words Danielle will never forget, “I’m trying.”

Matt-Davis (1)

Danielle said, “It was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard!”

But Matt’s accident wiped out three years of his memory. He didn’t know the person in front of him was his beloved wife.


Matt said, “I saw her, and I was like, ‘yeah.” finding out he was married to that woman was a pleasant surprise. “It didn’t take him long after that,” Danielle said.

Matt undergoes rehab so he could talk, eat and drink on his own, use the bathroom with minimal assistance, wheel his wheelchair, walk with assistance with a walker


Three years had passed Matt’s condition greatly improved. The couple visits yoga classes together, play games together, Matt has even started driving a stick shift car.

Danielle-Josey-Davis-Matt-Davis (2)
Matt said, “People don’t realize how much they can actually do with their bodies,” he said. “They take it for granted.”

But Danielle’s nightmare is not yet over, this time the bills are giving her a headache, she claims “his medical insurance will no longer pay for therapy.”


Still, God came to her rescue, a GoFundme account has been set up to help Danielle and Matt pay for his rehabilitation. If you wish to help the couple, you can donate HERE.

Matt meanwhile, has some advice for other husbands:

“Dude, take the trash out. Because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Matt and Danielle is an inspiration to all. Not all wives had the strength to do what Danielle did. She just proved that love and faith in God conquer all things!

H/T: wtocmirror