“Man vs beast” it is usually used in comparing or explaining the difference of capabilities between humans and animals. However, a man from Thailand took this “man vs beast” thing literally and had a fist fight with a monkey.

The surreal fight between the two started after the chimp was caught peeing and biting the seat of the motorcycle.Man-ties-to-punch-monkey-in-Thailand (1)
Annoyed, the owner threw his shoe at the primate to scare him off, but that only angered the simian.Man-ties-to-punch-monkey-in-Thailand copy
The furious monkey then instantly charged towards the motorcyclist and the pair brawls on the dirt by the riverbank.Man-ties-to-punch-monkey-in-Thailand (2)
The rivals went toe-to-toe, trading blows. At one point, the man seems to land a blow on the monkey’s face.Man-ties-to-punch-monkey-in-Thailand (3)
But he struggles against the tiny angry wild monkey.Man-ties-to-punch-monkey-in-Thailand (4)

When the opportunity came, he tried to kick the creature but missed, before both throw dirt at one another.

Watch the full fight below:


As of writing the video has already garnered more than 900,000 views since it was published by Viral Hog YouTube. I’m pretty sure many will cry ‘animal cruelty’ in this epic man vs monkey video but don’t worry, no animals or humans were injured in this altercation.

Via: Mirror