A relationship is not complete without arguments. Yes, it is a common thing but it must not result to violence such as the case in this video.

The clip started with a couple having a heated argument on a busy street.

The young woman started walking away but her boyfriend grabbed her hair and pulled her back.couple fight 1
Their argument soon escalated and ended with the man hitting and kicking his girl to the ground.couple fight 2

Unbelievably, onlookers and motorists just passed by and no one even bothered to step in.

At one point, the woman tried to walk away again for good but the man chased her and went in for a hug – classic gangsta!couple fight 3

Here’s the clip:



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It is unknown where and when the incident happened and how the couple ended. One thing is for sure that hug at the end simply means he doesn’t want to lose his girl. Somehow, beating a woman is still unacceptable no matter what the reason is.