We were both amazed and grossed out by Dr. Pimple Popper’s zits extraction. Well, this guy who developed a hair ingrown on his cheek from his blackhead might give you the same satisfying reaction after he decided to pluck it out.

The ingrown hair which had already curled up on this guy’s cheek has been bothering his look  for quite some time.MC41MDcwNzEwMCAxNDU2OTU5Nzcz
With a pair of tweezers, he decided to pluck it as he filmed himself.MC4yNTgxNjMwMCAxNDU2OTU5Nzc0
He fearlessly pulled the hair out thinking it’s going to be easy.MC40NzY3MDUwMCAxNDU2OTU5Nzc0
Painful as it looks, the hair starts to come out.MC43MDA5ODQwMCAxNDU2OTU5Nzc0
 However things get weirder as the ingrown hair took too long to come out…MC45MDQyNjMwMCAxNDU2OTU5Nzc0

Apparently, it was no ordinary ingrown but indeed the longest ingrown hair from a human cheek!

Watch this oddly satisfying clip:



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Never thought hair could grow that long inside the skin. Gross! — via Damn