If you want to get scared and pee your pants why don’t you try to read this horrifying comic strips by Horang who is a Korean writer, illustrator, and director. Very little is known about this artist. Given Horang’s low profile, his three Horror Webtoons : Ghost of Bongcheong-Dong, Ghost in Masung Tunnel, and Ok-su Station Ghost has scared the online world! You might think that this is just a comic like any other, but you are wrong. This is actually a sequential art form that will keep your eye lids glued to the tip of your scalp.

The first time I read it, i almost fell off my chair. The shock was so unexpected, if you’re not convinced enough better read it yourself with lights off, just slowly scroll down the comic and scare yourself to death. Ohhh i forgot to tell these stories are based on real life events making it more terrifying!


Ghost of Bongcheong-Dong

“In 2007, at an apartment complex in Bongcheon-dong, Gwna-ak-gu, Seoul, a 33-year-old woman jumped off the apartment and died on the spot. Known as surname Cho, a divorcee due to her extra-marital affair, she had lost her custody of her 2-year-old daughter and decided to commit suicide. After that incident, Cho was seen walking around that apartment complex several times.”

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Read Bongcheon-Dong Ghost Story with an english translation here: comic.naver.com


Ghost in Masung Tunnel

“There buried a family in mountain Seok-sung located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do,decapitated to death, due to a wrongful accusation as traitors by King Gwang-hae. One of them was a little child who just started to say a few words. A spirit of a young child looking like a half rotten corpse used to come down to a village and claimed tens of people’s life.”


Read Ghost in Masung Tunnel Story with an english translation here: comic.naver.com


Oksu Station Ghost

“The following scary event is portrayed as having taken place on the “Line 3” platform at the Oksu station which is a real place. The story is about a man and a woman who committed suicide at the said station. Many thought they were lovers but police reports unveiled that the victims are not related to each other.”


Read Ok-su Station Ghost Story with an english translation here: comic.naver.com

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