Cancer is one of the most notorious diseases nowadays. About 14.1 million cases of cancer occurred globally in 2012 (not including skin cancer other than melanoma) causing about 8.2 million deaths of all human deaths.

This deadly disease is absolutely a horrifying thing. If found too late you’ll pay it with a terrible price…your life! But there are people whom I can say lucky enough to survive cancer, a man named Eric is one of them. Though he lost his face due to nose cancer.

Six years ago, 62-year-old Eric Moger went in for a routine operation to remove nasal polyps. But doctors found a more terrifying thing nesting inside his left face…

A tennis-ball sized tumor!
eric moger
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Eric was diagnosed with advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma as his tumor had already grown so much. In order to save his life, doctors had to remove most of the left side of his face, including his left eye, cheekbone, and jaw.

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The Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a kind of skin cancer that occurs when a small growth called polyps had an abnormal progression and turn into tumor. Most victims diagnosed it at early stage but in Eric’s case, it was detected too late because his tumor had manifested inside his nose where it was hard to discover.

Eric is now cancer free, but his life-saving surgery left his face permanently disfigured, making him unable to speak clearly and eat or drink normally.

He was later drowned into depression, refusing to leave the house and putting off the wedding he had planned with his fiancee, Karen.

eric moger 2Over the next four years, Eric underwent eight surgeries to rebuild his face but failed. In desperation, he agreed to appear on a British reality show called “Embarrassing Bodies” where he was given the chance to meet Dr. Christian Jessen who later referred them to dental surgeon Andrew Dawood.

EricMoger4Mr Dawood used digital scanning technology to capture Eric’s face and then used a digital software to design a prosthetic mask.

eric moger 3

Next, Andrew used a 3D printer to build a nylon prosthetic mold. After the mold was printed, he filled it with silicone to create a durable prosthetic for Eric to wear. The design and printing process took six weeks but Mr. Dawood wasn’t done yet. He designed a scaffold that could be put into the cavity of Eric’s face to hold the mask in place and created a mouth implant that would seal off Eric’s mouth and allow him to eat and drink normally.

At last, Eric’s nightmares are now over, thanks to the brilliant doctors who helped him regain his face and of course the power of 3D printing. Moger is now happily married with his wife Karen.


Watch Eric’s journey:

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In case you are feeling hopeless just look at this man and what he’s been through. He’ll remind us that most of us are still lucky enough despite our difficulties.

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