Cases of violence against women has become more and more rampant through the years and even in public, domestic abuse can be seen. Such is the video below that will surely make you furious.

The clip shows a fight between a man and a woman in a food stall.

women abuse2

The man pushes the woman on the street while the woman fights back.

women abuse1

Shockingly the man throws the woman in the drainage ditch.

women abuse4

Watch the video:


Via: TNP

Apparently, it is not clear where and why the two had a fight. What’s surprising is the reaction of the crowd witnessing the scene, they seem to be celebrating after the woman fell in the creek.

The questions now are, why did the crowd celebrate after the fall? Did the man just protected himself or his place and had no choice but to throw the raging woman in the ditch? Sure, many would say what the man did is harsh and it violates the law. But what if the man is the one who is being violated, is there a law that could protect men from women’s violence? What do you think?