Sometimes, people cheat because they’re no longer in love with their partners or they have fallen in love with someone else. But ultimately, no reason can ever justify cheating. It is best to formally end the current relationship first before starting a new one. But one woman played the field and ended up getting caught on camera by her boyfriend with her new lover while they were in a parking lot. Awkward!

As the camera rolled, the two-timing woman said: “I’m going to call my dad!”


The boyfriend angrily replied, “Go ahead! Call your f**king dad! Please call your dad, call your mom. I’ll pass by your house and tell your mom and dad. You’re so stupid b**ch for sleeping in my house this week, b**ch!”

Then he began to mock his cheating girlfriend as he told her new lover about their intimate moments.


The girlfriend got out of the car and tried to stop him from humiliating her.


But the man was determined to expose his promiscuous girlfriend and even pointed the camera towards her new lover.


Out of frustration over his cheating woman, the boyfriend even told the new lover that he paid for pimping out her car.

The woman got out of the car again and walked out of the scene while calling her dad for help.


The boyfriend asked,” Who are you calling, your dad? I ain’t scared of your dad at all. I know your family, too! Get ready to be famous, b**ch!”

Watch her get caught red-handed here:

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