When victims of bullying fights back better be prepared as they will definitely kick the sh*t out of you. This is the case when a menace picks a fight with the wrong kid and instantly regrets it.

The clip which is believed to have been filmed in Indonesia, shows a young teen decently walking on the street, when suddenly a bully attacked him without apparent reason. Seems like it was his bright orange leopard-print backpack that made him a target. Well, whatever the reason was, the bully got more than what he wants.

The bully harasses the boy and throws some powerful-looking elbows at him.bully knock out cold 1
However, the victim though smaller than the bully, seems stronger than he looks and fights back.bully knock out cold 2

The two wrestle and fall to the ground but the crowd separate them to have a descent fight. The victim then takes off his back pack and that’s when things start to turn into his favor.

After exchanging some powerful blows, the bully ends up on the ground.bully knock out cold 4
The supposed to be victim then smashes his opponent with a powerful knee to the head.bully knock out cold 5
And instantly delivers his final blow – a devastating kick to the face!bully knock out cold 6
Leaving the bully knocked out cold, sleep tight kiddo.bully knock out cold 7

Watch the fight below:

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Hell yeah, this why you should never mess with someone whom is not doing anything bad to you, you’ll never know he could be another Conor McGregor who can put you into a goodnight sleep. Lesson Learned!

Via: Unilad