Don’t ever disturb a calm water as you never know what will happen next. This is the exactly what happens when a severely bullied student took a stand against a scumbag and showed him enough is enough.

In the video, the student in white shirt can be seen being picked on by a smaller guy while in a school locker room.

bullying 1

The teen tried to walk away from the situation for several times, but the bully won’t let him pass.

bullying 3

The bully relentlessly harassed his victim and pushed him over and over. Somehow, it is clear that the poor kid doesn’t want to engage in a fight, but the douchebag kept on provoking him…

Until he lose his cool and reached his boiling point.

bullying 4

After exchanging some words, the bullied student furiously took his tormentor to the ground and punched him repeatedly.

bullying 5

The boy’s patience completely runs out as he barrage him with punches while screaming, “Have you learned your lesson now?”

Watch the video:

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As they say, everyone has a boiling point, it’s just a matter of when, and if they blew they are the one who explode the hardest.

Via: Warrior Zen