As a parent, you wouldn’t teach your child to harm others. But this alarming video shows the opposite, as an angry mom provokes her son into beating another child.

The disturbing clip started with the furious mother dragging her son to his opponent and then orders him to attack the other boy.

mom provokes son 1

However, her son refuses to hit his opponent who is already down on the pavement, but she forces him to knee his foe in the face while shouting, “Hit him!” in Spanish.

It is clear that the two have been in a previous fight but the mother wanted her son to finish his opponent and win the fight.

mom provokes son 4

At one point she pinches his ear and slaps him repeatedly in a bid to force him to attack.

mom provokes son 2

Still, her son refused, so she took the boy’s hands and uses it to rain blows on the cowering victim.

mom provokes son 3

Eventually, the boy concedes and obeys his mother, unwillingly kicking and punching his foe just to please his mother.

Watch the shocking clip:

Via: Mirror

The unbelievable video was filmed in the Peruvian capital of Lima but it is not yet known if the Peruvian police have any intention of taking action against the woman.