Our world is full of weird booze. Most of them are fun to drink, while others might totally make your stomach upside down. Just imagine a weed flavored liquor that will make you go high, or a fully chocolate tasting beer that you can take every morning. Sounds good right?

Curated from around the web, here are some of the most unusual liquors and alcoholic beverages that you might want to taste or rather you might not want to be served at your tables. See below the roundup of the rarest liquors and alcoholic beverages in the world.

1. Baby Mouse Wine


This could be the most disgusting substance you could imagine flavoring your wine! Baby mice wine is a traditional Korean health drink, which is brewed by drowning alive baby mice, maximum three days old, in rice moonshine and letting them ferment in the bottle for about a year. According to local Korean belief, mouse wine is a cure to just about any illness imaginable, including asthma and liver problems among others.

2. Squirrel Beer

squirrel beer

It’s the World’s Strongest, Most Expensive Beer – Inside a Squirrel! The Squirrel Beer is made by BrewDog containing 55% of alcohol volume with a price tag of $765. Called The End of History, what made this better unique is its bottles which come in stuffed animals-like they are alive! Crazy isn’t it?

12 unique bottles feature seven dead stoats (a kind of weasel), four squirrels and one rabbit. For those interested in the actual beer, it’s a blond Belgian ale with touches of nettles and juniper berries — and in order to achieve the brain-blasting alcohol content, it had to be created using extreme freezing techniques.

3. Bacon Vodka


This is an unusual premium spirit with a familiar flavor; Bakon is the only vodka on the market that captures the meaty, peppery flavor of just-cooked bacon while maintaining a crisp, clean profile. Perfect for making a rich Bloody Mary, it also begs for experimentation with creative mixology.

4. Yogurito (Yogurt Liqueur)


“Yogurito is made from yogurt and tastes like yogurt, but is not yogurt.” This tangy, yogurt-based liqueur is made in Holland, bottled in France, and consumed almost entirely in Japan, where it is mixed with tasty tropical fruit juices. It can be drunk straight or mixed with orange or pineapple juice, the creamy, fruity-sweet combo is especially popular among the health-conscious.

5. Breakfast Beer: Chocolate Donut Stout

choco beer

Chocolate flavored beer is actually pretty common these days but this company named Shenadoah Brewing Co. has taken it one step further with chocolate donut stout. The beer smells and tastes very similar to a glazed chocolate donut. The brewery calls this beer a double chocolate stout that is brewed with real chocolate, and essence of donut that is added to the beer using a “secret method.”

6. Pizza Beer

pizza beer

If there are bacon wine, yogurt, and chocolate flavored beer, of course, there is a Pizza Beer. In 2006, Tom and Athena Seefurth of Campton Township, Illinois aimed to homebrew a perfect beer to pair with pizza, but what they came up is the “Mamma Mia Pizza Beer” which became a hit.

Since then the couple had gone commercial, hand-chopping the hundreds of pounds of wheat crust, garlic, oregano, tomato, and basil for their malty concoction. But you won’t need to chew to down the brew; pizza beer is 100 percent debris-free-the ingredients are filtered after steeping, leaving just a soupçon of the “essence of pizza.”

7. Kierewiet Liqueur (Pot Booze)


If you like smoking w33d, you’ll surely love to drink this mariju@na liquor. This is perfectly legal in some countries like Holland, especially served in many establishments in Amsterdam. Touted as a digestif, Kierewiet is really more like a cannabis cocktail, bearing a strong green color, a bold marijuana leaf on the label, and containing 14.5% alcohol.

8. Smoked Salmon Vodka


If you want a fishy tasted vodka better look for “Smoked Salmon Vodka by Alaska Distillery” which is a vodka infused with the distinctive flavor of smoked salmon. The Smoked Salmon vodka includes grain from Delta Junction, potatoes from the Matanuska-Susitna valley, glacier ice from Prince William Sound, and salmon caught in the Gulf of Alaska. This rare liquor is specifically created to be mixed into your Bloody Mary.

9. Scorpion Vodka


Move aside boring old tequila worm, because now there’s a much fiercer creature lurking in your booze. The cool new Scorpion Vodka is pure grain English vodka infused with a real farm-raised scorpion floating deep down inside the bottle.

Simply shake or stir up your favorite martini, drop the edible scorpion into the glass like an olive, and enjoy. When you’re finished, you can actually munch on the 100% safe to eat, fully detoxed scorpion if you dare. Tasty!

10. Mamajuana


Popularly known as the “Dominican Viagra,” Mamajuana is made from a mix of herbs, sticks, and wood, that are steeped in a mixture of wine, honey, and rum for a few weeks. It results in a highly potent Port-colored spirit lauded for its aphrodisiacal qualities. The recipe itself is a closely guarded secret that is said to originate from the Taino.

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So which one would you prefer to drink? –Sources: Oddee, Spydersden